“Not all contractors are created equal”

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Quality residential remodeling is a skillset separate to itself. Highly selective trades need to be involved in a well-managed concert of operations to insure structure integrity. We specialize in these types of activities.

TriplePoint Design Build is a proven entity that performs quality work in a time sensitive manner. We are quality driven and provide the highest level of customer service. We have a very talented pool of proven trade partners that are equally responsive. Our projects are completed on schedule, are well managed, with minimal client interaction. We are seasoned professionals that provide unmatched construction expertise.

We utilize a “Cloud Project Management” system to facilitate open communication regarding your project from pre-construction activities right through the construction process.
A system that insures accountability, accuracy and effective communication. When you try to compare these qualities on a spreadsheet, there is no equal!

In this first step of a project, meetings take place during which TriplePoint Design Build (TPDB) addresses the Client’s desired goals, scope of work, and budget. A very basic Conceptual Plan, Specifications and Budget are prepared at this time.Timeline:
Initial Meeting with Client
Review scope of work with Client
Research and document setbacks as required; Secure Survey
Evaluate existing structures to successfully harmonize with new structure or improvements
Prepare very preliminary Conceptual Plan as needed
Address Conceptual Specifications, Product Selections and Variables
Prepare Conceptual Budget; Review Conceptual Budget with Client

TPDB Design Services are retained. A Preliminary Plan is developed and reviewed. At this stage, the designer, engineer and key subcontractors are consulted for input on the preliminary design as needed. Desired products are addressed and a Preliminary Budget is established.Timeline:
Confirm zoning / setbacks / calculate impervious coverage as required
Meet with Client to review objectives and scope of work
Measure existing floor plan at site / photograph existing conditions
Compile / prioritize design objectives and create timeline
Draw As-Built floor plan & elevation plans
Draw & Present Preliminary Plan to Client
Prepare & Present Preliminary Specifications and Budget to Client
Confirm FEMA compliance with scope of work and Preliminary Plan

At this point, the Client has approved the Preliminary Design, FEMA compliance is addressed and a Preliminary Budget has been established. We sit down and begin to formalize the specifications that will become part of the finished look of the project. Once plans are 95% complete, a Bid Conference is conducted with key subcontractors and suppliers. This Conference is one of the most important parts of the process because it readies the team for construction.Timeline:
Prepare and present Product Selection Outline
Meet with engineer to review structural considerations
Prepare Working Drawings
Prepare interior architectural details – walls and ceilings as applicable
Conduct Bid Conference to consult with subcontractors
Present Draft Specifications, Budget and Preliminary Agreement
Present Final Specifications, Budget and Final Agreement
Present General Conditions to Client
Present Warranty Documents to Client
Prepare Energy Calculations
Prepare project for Production

At this point, final revisions are made to the Working Drawings and a final Budget is established and approved. A groundbreaking date can then be set and final preparations can be made to begin construction.Timeline
Reserve ground breaking date (Production Date)
Complete final revisions on Working Drawings
Complete final Engineering on Working Drawings
Receive final Working Drawings
Prepare Energy Calculations
Prepare Truss Engineering
Complete Notice of Commencement
Apply for Building Permit
Present Final Project Specifications
Present Final Agreement (Budget) for Client Approval

The project can now be introduced to the Production Team, which is mobilized to prepare for construction. Subcontractors and Suppliers are notified and readied. A Pre-Construction meeting will take place at the project site and the site will be prepared for construction.Timeline
Project is transferred to Production Team
Create Project Production files
Prepare projected Project Time Schedule
Notify Subcontractors and Suppliers of Production Date
Receive approved Building Permit
Pre-Construction Meeting at Project Site with Client
Video tape interior and exterior of project site for record of existing conditions (Renovations)
Begin Project Site Mobilization

Ground breaking is an exciting step for Clients, but it takes the first five steps to successfully get to this point. Construction schedules will vary depending on the nature of the project.

The project is finalized in this last step and closure is brought to the project. The Production Team insures that the scope of work has been successfully met according to the Final Agreement.

Final Inspections
Final Punch List reviewed & completed
Present Post Construction Reference Manual
Client Satisfaction Survey