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With the vision to take your ideas and turn them into a plan, the craftsmanship to deliver unmatched quality and the passion to bring that plan to life, TriplePoint Design Build has built its reputation on making its clients’ dreams come true. TriplePoint is a full service design/build remodeling firm that transforms outdated living spaces into your dream home. We tailor every project to each owner’s needs, wants and wishes. These projects combine functional floor plans with dramatic design elements and features that enhance your unique lifestyle.

The TriplePoint Difference
We recognize that in order for a remodeling project to be completely successful, the design must compliment the
existing architecture, incorporate solid construction practices and be affordable. Our firm strives to implement all of these components. One of the strengths of our professional team is the transformation of your dreams and ideas into an impressive and functional design.
We offer a full range of concierge remodeling services, including all phases of construction planning and management from conceptual development and budgeting through project completion and facility turnover. Services that can be provided depending on the specific needs of your project include the following:
• Definition / documentation of project requirements and design criteria
• Project feasibility with regard to zoning, FEMA compliance,
• Conceptual Project design – value engineering
• Full architectural drawings from as-builts to final elevations
• Building systems design coordination using a team of certified 3rd party trade partners experienced in each of the following disciplines: architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural and process engineering.

“It’s About People and Their Projects”
Think about it, the contractor you choose for your construction project will become an integral part of your life for a period of time. Why would you work with just anyone? We won’t, and neither should you.
“At TriplePoint Design Build, we don’t just look for clients, we look for people we want to do business with.”
A design/build project is a relationship and our relationship with you is one of the most important components of your project. You are really looking for more than just a contractor. You are looking for a company that can:
• Do what you ask for and do it exceptionally well.
• Complete the project on time and on budget.
• Work with respect, sensitivity and consideration These are the hallmarks of a firm with more than 25 years of
experience with proven results and the reasons TriplePoint Design Build has earned a reputation as Tampa Bay’s premier waterfront design-build remodeling firm.

Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling Today


Remodeling Today – Mastering the Master Bath
The well-traveled clients of TriplePoint Design Build felt their existing master bathroom was cramped, cluttered
and outdated. They yearned for the sleek sophistication of a more simplistic, contemporary style master bath. Poor design left the space congested, disjointed, inefficient and lacking style. The clients were very interested in having TriplePoint Design Build address all of these flaws while continuing the contemporary theme of the rest of the home’s architecture. Based on the client’s desires it was important to introduce modern design details such as frameless mirrors and shower doors, glass floor tile and crystallized counter tops.

During design meetings, TriplePoint identified several additional key elements that needed to be incorporated into the project. They formulated a design, which reconfigured and opened up the existing space while incorporating the contemporary look and feel their clients requested. Attention was also focused on the existing courtyard outside the tub window. It was an unused area that could enlarge available space for the new design. After checking into setback requirements, TriplePoint elected to incorporate the space into the new floor plan design.

This master bath metamorphosis resulted in a simplistic and sophisticated design full of clean lines, crisp colors, innovative features and improved efficiency. TriplePoint’s transformation is everything their clients had envisioned!

Kitchen Designs

Remodeling Today – Two Chefs in the Kitchen


When Kelley and Renee Johnson purchased an existing home in a Mediterranean-style community in 2004, they identified some exterior and interior changes they wanted to accomplish to make it more their style. Chief among them was a completely renovated kitchen.

The driving force behind the Johnson’s decision to remodel was their desire for a sophisticated kitchen that
was perfectly suited for their love of the culinary experience and endless entertaining. Their existing kitchen lacked many of the conveniences and unique characteristics that a custom kitchen
offers. Additionally, the congested and crowded layout inhibited free and fluid movement within the room itself, especially considering that the couple liked to cook together.
“We both love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and we love to entertain family and friends,” says Kelley. “We both wanted prep stations and cook stations where we weren’t constantly running over each other.” The new design would provide additional counter space and the selection of high efficiency, state-of-the-art appliances that would include a six-burner gas grill, stainless steel double ovens and a large side-by-side refrigerator.

“Another thing that was paramount to us was to get a large sink,” Kelley says. “The original had two small sinks and they just weren’t functional. You couldn’t wash a large pot or full size cooking sheet in it,” he chuckles. As a true two-chef kitchen, the new design required careful consideration of project components such as appliance selection, appliance placement and adequate counter space. In addition, the Johnson’s frequent entertaining would require a floor plan that would alleviate existing congestion.

It was evident early in the design process that this particular remodel would focus less on major structural changes and more on custom creation, reconfiguration of spaces and the infusion of inspired design elements that would include custom cabinetry, richly colored stone counter tops, handcrafted mosaic tile, natural wood flooring and other complementary design details. “Renee has always gathered ideas from magazines and we worked with Nancy Braamse, a designer out of
Clearwater, to pull them together,” says Kelley. “We got our cabinets through her and she actually introduced
us to our contractor, Neal Fiske of TriplePoint Design Build.” “They worked incredibly well together and between them, I don’t think we could be any happier with how the project went,” he emphasizes. “The new kitchen not only eliminated all the pain points we had with the old one, but it is more than we ever hoped.”
“Any time we entertain, whether it’s family or friends, everyone is always in the kitchen,” Kelley says. “It’s how we live and this new space is perfect for it.” As an added benefit, the new design also opened up the home’s views of the water. The original kitchen had an area where the refrigerator was on one side and a butler’s pantry was on another, and it absolutely stopped all the views of the water from about 2/3 of the house. The new design fixes the lines of site so guests can see the water from virtually anywhere in the space.

“We lived on our boat behind the house during the renovation, so we were here every day to watch the process,”
Kelley says. “Tremendous credit goes to TriplePoint for the speed with which
they were able to do the remodeling. It was an amazing transformation and Neal was not only early on his four month estimate for timing, but he was under budget.”
“We came away from this project with two family friends: John and Nancy Braamse and Lauren and Neal Fiske,” says Kelley. “And to say someone is a close friend when you come out of a construction project is really something.”